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SCC/Community Involvement

The SCC plays an important role in the education system in Hawaii. Comprised of 6 components (principal, teachers, non-certificated staff, students, parents and community members), the SCC works to advise the principal about matters that help to improve student achievement and school performance.

SCC Members (50% School Staff, 50% Parents, Students, Community):

School Staff

James Suster, Principal

Katherine Alarcio, Teacher

Lucricia Amaral, Educational Assistant



Parent, Students, & Community

Morgan Castro, Parent

Rysen R / Kaylani G, 6th Grade Students

Rene Morikawa Community


School Year 2021-2022 Meeting Schedule

Who - Everyone is invited

Where / When - Library @ 245



• November 23, Tuesday

• January 26, Wednesday

• March 9, Wednesday

• April 8, Wednesday

• May 11, Wednesday


Click here to see the agenda & minutes