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A+ After School Program

Below is the link to the A+ application, which you may print out

You may use a program called Adobe Acrobat to fill out most of the information on a computer before printing out. Please don't type out initials for the sections that ask for that. Adobe Acrobat has the option to save initials.

The current fee for A+ is $120 per child, per month.

For parents trying to qualify for subsidized A+, please bring in 1 month's worth of paystubs as well, or other documentation which is specifically listed in the A+ application on page 17 of the linked pdf file.

When filing taxes, use receipts that you are given upon payment and these A+ DOE tax numbers
Federal Identification Number: 99-0266482
State Identification Number: GE-152-704-0000-0

please note that there is no physical address for the state A+ office