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A+ After School Program

(Updated October 5, 2020)
As of this posting, the A+ program will not resume until in-person blended instruction begins. The tentative return is January 2021.
This page will be updated on a regular basis.
Below is the link to the application, which you may print out
Here is some information for A+ for the upcoming school year (2020-2021)
Please read carefully, as fees may have changed for your child depending on which days they are scheduled to attend school.
For AA/BB students, the A+ charge will be based on the amount of days in a given period. It will NOT be the full $120 like in the past years. For students who are a combination of in class and distance learning, the rate will fluctuate based on the days the student should be attending.
The rate for August is 6.50 per day for AA or BB students. For example, students who attend on Mon/Tues would pay for 5 days of attendance for the Aug 17-31 period (6.50 x 5 days = 32.50). Students on a Wed/Thurs schedule would pay for 4 days of attendance for the Aug 17-31 period (6.50 x 4 = 26).
This daily rate may fluctuate month to month, as it goes from $6.50 in August to $5.75 in September. We will calculate what the fee is based on the days your child would be attending A+ at the beginning of the month.
To be certain, please don't write checks ahead of time, as they need to be for the exact amount. It is best to wait until the first day of A+ to be certain of the exact fee that needs to be paid.
For parents trying to qualify for subsidized A+, please bring in 1 month's worth of paystubs as well, or other documentation which is specifically listed in the A+ application.
The new school year will have challenges, but the A+ program will do its best to help the students and families through these difficult times.
For any further questions, please contact the site coordinator, Mr. Garrett at
PCELaplus265 [at] gmail [dot] com