Welcome to Mrs. Takamoto's 2nd Grade Page

Room 4 parents:  Please subscribe to the our class.  Scroll down to see my posts!
Weekly Work Schedule (during school closure):
  • Read at least 20 minutes daily.
  • Complete at least two iReady reading lessons
  • Complete at least two iReady math lessons
  • Complete Smarty Ants lessons IF your child has an account
  • Daily writing prompt
  • Work on the packet work IF you picked one up on March 31 or April 7
  • Additional work/activities for students can be found by clicking on LINKS to access online resources or EXTRA HOMEWORK for offline learning suggestions.
Please let your children know that I miss seeing them! Take care and stay healthy!
If you ever have any questions, please send me an email.


Supply Pick Up Schedule

May 18, Monday          9:30 a.m. – Last Name, First Letter - A - C

                                     10:30 a.m. – Last name, First Letter - D - G

                                     11:30 a.m. – Last name, First letter - H - K

May 19, Tuesday          9:30 a.m. – Last name, First Letter - L - M

                                     10:30 a.m. – Last name, First letter - N - Q

                                      11:30 a.m. – Last name, First Letter - R - S

May 20, Wednesday     9:30 a.m. – Last name, First letter - T - Z


Don't forget to bring all school library books.

Daily Writing Prompts

The writing topics posted on the school website are just suggestions. Students can choose to write about other topics that interest them. It's fine if they work on one writing piece for a few days as long as they are writing daily and working to revise and edit that piece.


Access online books through PCEL's subscription to Tumblebooks. On the opening page of our school's website, select Academics...Instructional Support...Library...Library Resources...Tumblebooks.
Happy Reading!

Word Work

Prior to Spring Break, students were given a complete list of words that we intended to cover in class. Students were told to keep the list of words in their planners. While at home during the school closure, students can study the words.
  • Practice spelling the words.
  • Write each set of words in alphabetical order.
  • Look up the definition of each word.
  • Write a sentence using each word.
  • Write a story using multiple words from the list.
  • Use the words while completing the daily writing prompts.

Enrichment Options - School Closure

* On my teacher page, click on EXTRA HOMEWORK for a list of tasks.
* On my teacher page, click on LINKS to be directed to online resource links. (Complete a minimum of 2 lessons for iReady Reading and 2 lessons for iReady Math each week).
* Read at least 20 minutes daily.
* Complete the daily writing prompts listed under my class on this website.

COVID-19 Online Resources

On this school website, there is a list of online resources that students can use during this school closure due to COVID-19.
On the main screen, click on PARENTS.
In the parents pull down menu, click on PARENT RESOURCES.
On the Parent Resources page, click on COVID-19 UPDATES AND RESOURCES.
On the COVID-19 Updates and Resources page, click on ONLINE RESOURCES FOR ENRICHMENT
*More enrichment work can be found by doing the following:
Click LINKS on my personal page on this website.