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Compassion in Action

Coins for Courage - Change for Maui
Thank you to our many generous families. With your help we collected over $450 to donate to our Maui Ohana
Letters To Maui

At PCES we choose Aloha and show compassion in action. In addition to our “Coins for Courage” collection, we will also be sending letters of support to our peers in Maui. Here are some words of wisdom that our students shared…

...It can be hard to recover from loss, but as long as you believe that things will get better, they will. If you keep pushing forward, things will slowly get back to normal. Sending love from Oahu… Naomi Rm 13

...I can only imagine the hurt you and your family are going through… Your year started off pretty rough but it will get better. The history of Lahaina will not be forgotten… Matias Rm 23

...I hope you and everyone else are doing fine. The world is hard, nothing is perfect, but I believe you got this! … Noah Rm 34

...You will help others get through this and we hope you get a happy ending. You will survive and Maui will rebuild… Zachary Rm 24

...There is alway light in the dark and you are getting closer to the light. This tragedy hit you like a wave, but it doesn’t end your dreams. You can hit back stronger… Jacob Rm 14

...You got this, never give up and always help everyone. There is always a way to fix something and it begins with you… Daniela rm 17