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Fall Fun!

Come share and learn with us! Check out our featured "Fall Fun Video" 
Thank you to everyone who participated in Fall Fun!
Fall Fun Results - Let's learn more about our Pearl City Elementary Family -


What we like to do for fun ...

Art or Music - 11%

Quiet things - read, puzzles, board games - 7%

Outside things - hike, beach - 17%

Play a sport - 15%

Play Video Games - 40%

Other - 10% (watch anime, eating, dance hula, build legos and much more) 


Which do you prefer? 

Purple - 60.2%

White - 39.8% 


What is your favorite school subject?

Art/Music/PE - 48%

ELA. - 8%

Math - 31.8%

Science - 9.5%

Social Studies - 2.7%


What celebrations / traditions do you do in the Fall?

Halloween, visit the Pumpkin Patch, pick up leaves, family time - watch movies, Chinese Moon Festival, Thanksgiving, apple bobbing, celebrate birthdays, make/bake things with pumpkin, visit the Haunted Plantation 


Halloween Safety Tips ...

Never go outside alone always have someone older to go with you… Tilayah

Have something that’s bright so that you don't trip at night…Damien

Don’t trick or treat by you self it is not safe…Jamari

Always let you parents look at your halloween candy before you eat it….Hailey

Look both ways before crossing the road…Waston

Going in a group to trick or treating…Isiah

Be aware…Naomi

Be 6ft from others you don't know…Chasodi

Always watch out for cars…Aurora

Stay socially distanced between other people while trick or treating…Rysen

Use a glo stick at night… Izan T


Thank you to everyone who submitted photos




Congratulations to these students who also won prizes in our drawing...


McDonalds Apple Slices

Elias K, 2-3

Bryant, K-31


Silas S, 4-10

Alysha L, 6-17

Ariyana F, 4-21


McDonalds Apple Drink or Milk 

Aurora, 2-6

Elias K, 1-3

Harley L, 1-29

Michael A, 3-30

Lyron, 5-13

Brayden T, 4-34


McDonalds Vanilla Cone

Kylee B, 2-5

Grayson I, 1-3

Kenzen, 3-30

Kolten B, 5-14

Kyle C, 6-24

Kettisha E. 4-34


McDonalds Hamburger

Koen C, K-33

Izan T,  2-5

Kaylee L, 3-30

Randen,  3-18

Corina L, 6-22

 Logan, 5-13


McDonalds Prize Pack (Hamburger, Apples, Cone and Milk) 

Ace, K-33

Margaret, 2-5


Tea, 5-15

Arbitario, 6-24

Anela, 5-13


Thank you again for participating in Fall Fun!

At Pearl City Elementary we learn and grow together.