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Learning Exhibits - at PCEL the learning never stops...

How My Life Is Now

My life is like a rock, just the same. A little bit changes but still the same. I feel like something is missing but that’s not true. The same over, and over, like a time loop. At least I have some fun until it goes. At the end of the day, that’s how life is.


Next day, is the first day of being back to school, but after that it’s still the same! Feel like I’m going insane! I hide my feelings about life everyday but sometimes I don’t care. I just move on with my day.


But in the end, that’s life, and I’m happy to be a part of it.




Grandfather made me happy. Everyday was like a birthday party. The park was our place. Riding his shoulders made me feel like  a princess.


Grandfather got sick. The days were dark and gloomy. Tears fell from eyes. Raindrops of sadness.


Grandfather died. My whole family felt heart pain. Our hearts broken glass. Seeing him lying there felt an empty feeling of deep sadness. I will always miss him.



Music In My Heart

Life is nothing without a little music, music is like an angel from heaven giving my family a little beat or sounds mixed into a song. The way we come together comes from music making us feel different emotions.


Music can also make us feel like dancing or can be a siren calling us with their beautiful songs. Do you know the way I feel for music? Well, I love how music is like a magic spell cast upon us when we dance, so join in!


There are many ways for us to feel and listen to music’s call to us. Like a whale song mixed into words with a beat we can’t touch. We can still listen to it’s harmony, music’s harmony is a bird’s gentle and smooth song in the wind.


The beat of music can be as smooth as the Pacific ocean. My life is always complete with a beat in my life like a bit of fire burning in my heart and forever shall music be in my life until the day I die.